Visualisierung von Netzwerken und Informationen

Die Visualisierung von Netzwerken und Informationsstrukturen: ein wichtiges und explodierendes Feld. Die Website sammelt nicht nur alle visuellen Metaphern, sondern gibt auch sehr hilfreiche Lektüreempfehlungen zum Thema Informationsdesign und Informationsarchtitektur.

Der Autor Manuel Lima schreibt in seinem about:

Scale-Free networks, one of the most common topology in either natural or human systems, is curiously enough, a very recent breakthrough. Since its discovery, in 1999, dozens of researchers worldwide have been disentangling the networks around us at an amazing rate. This awareness is helping us understand not only the world around us but also the most intricate web of interactions that shape the human body. The global effort of constructing a general theory of complexity is tremendous and may lead us, not only to a structural understanding of networks, but to major improvements in stability, robustness and security of most complex systems around the globe.

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